Computers Taking Their Toll ?


Are computers taking their toll on mankind? Or is it a new way for us to evolve beyond what we are today?   Here is what I see so far. I have been doing computers since I was very young I am now 48!       

Things at that time was a Coco 3 or a Trash eighty. No internet at the time just a BBS.  With my Coco hooked to a tv I saved my basic programs I wrote to a cassette. Spent a few hours a week doing this and then went out to play and dream.  Yes, outside to play.

Today as I walk down the road I see so many of us eyes, minds and soul buried into our phones, tablets or whatever tech they carry around. Not in touch with the physical world or real human interaction face to face. Instead most of the time is spent in the world of Social media and texting. Instead of real world interaction. Is this harmful or Good for us as a whole   Here are some links about the subject at hand.

Facebook , Numbers , Social Time , Phone Txt , Nine Hours

There are a lot more sites you can read up on this and spend more of your life on the internet. Hey I am also guilty of the above . Know you’re not alone.

Ok So here is the question on my mind and I do need feedback. Are we doomed?  Or is this a great thing for us. Are we net junkies, and can never get enough?  Please do not get me wrong, some ways tech is very good, as some can work from home and spend more time with the family and so on. Now it is you I am counting for on this subject.  

Send me your feedback and thoughts on this matter. How is it affecting your life? Good or bad. Shoot me an email @ Jsherbaugh I might use your story on an upcoming YouTube Series “The Net and Me” So if you are game you can send emails or a video to me about tech and your life and the effects it has on you or your family. Don’t Hold back.

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